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Easy set up packages to start selling wholesale products today.

1. Choose your wholesale website package


We currently offer several great WEB SITE packages to get you started with more than 300,000 WHOLESALE PRODUCTS to sell online. If you are looking for everything done for you, then the Pro package is for you! If you would like US to customize the entire look and feel of your drop ship website then the Custom package is the best for you!


anves Custom Dropship Web Sites

ANVES can provide you with true custom web sites along with true dropshippers.

  • An easy to use ecommerce website
  • Many Designs to choose from
  • Can add up to 1,500,000 products
  • Import wholesale products within seconds
  • User friendly Control Panel
  • Completely customizable
  • Push your Products to Ebay ebay
  • 1500 Modules & 100's of Features
  • Free updates & support

Many Custom Designs
Buy Wholesale Direct
Up to 1.5 M Products

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true dropshippers


True Dropshippers has more than 150,000 Products to choose from. These products are dropshipped directly to your customers.

We do not sell retail

To See Wholesale Prices, Membership is Needed!

Membership Included with Any Website

You Purchase Through ANVES


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2. Step by Step on How to Sell Wholesale Products
Start first by deciding what type of products to sell.
You want to take some time a do some research on what products sell well but also have a high market value. You want to make a profit, not start a store as a hobby, so choose wisely.

Choosing the right web site.
Choosing the right platform, either PicNsell or ANVES websites will be your best choice. PicNsell is less expensive but has all the features YOU'LL ever need, including 1100 custom looking designs to choose from. On the other hand, if you looking for a web site that can handle over a million products and is built from the ground up, YOU'LL need to order the ANVES platform package.

Importing & Updating your wholesale products.
PicNsell or ANVES will make it easy to import and keep your products update and current with the dropshippers inventory. This can be done with a few clicks of your mouse. Both PicNsell & ANVES has developed the updating process to be almost seamless and of course you choose the items you want to sell, not us. .

A customer comes to your website and buys an item.
You will be notified by email that you have an awaiting order - you will log into your secured administrative page and go to the Order Section - Here you will find one of the easiest Ordering Systems available today.

YOU'LL process their order & collect their money.
YOU'LL wait for their Check, Money Order or PayPal. to clear. For the quickest payment you can charge their Visa, MC or Discover Card - Remember WE'LL give you a FREE Merchant Account with your dropship website with NO Monthly merchant account fees to pay.

YOU'LL go to your Dropshipper & place the order with them.
Now that you've been paid, YOU'LL go to the dropshipper and sign into your account on their members page - Once your in, YOU'LL need to place the order by putting in the SKU # of the wholesale product and your customers name and address - Now let the dropshipper do the rest

The Dropshipper sends the item to your customer.
Your dropshipper sends the item to your customer, professionally packaged, at the best postage. With in a few days, the order has reached your happy customer

Your customer receives the item with your name & address on it.
Your customer has no idea that the item was sent by your dropshipper, so when your customer wants to order again, they will be right back at your sell wholesale product website, and the process begins all over again.


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3. We provide you with everything you need

Not only do we help connect you with True Dropshippers™ and their products, but we give you everything else you need to get you up and running quickly:

  • Give you FREE Support thru our Support Desk and also thru our Dropship Forums to help you get started.
  • You also have a wonderful online manual through your Store Manager (back end) and can also get information through our FAQ section (Knowledge Base) on our HelpDesk. Through our FAQ section you will find answers dealing with many different subjects, such as:
    • Getting listed in the Search Engines
    • How to setup PayPal on your store
    • HTML Pointers and Examples
    • How to update your billing information with us
    • How to place items in your store on sale
    • And much, much more
  • We provide you with a FREE MERCHANT ACCOUNT and gateway. For more information or to signup with either company please click the images below:
ProPay Dropshippers Websites
No monthly fees!
Total Merchant Services
Paypal Dropshippers Websites
Free to use to send money to
anyone with an email address



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4. Integrate easily with Ebay Drop Shippers

Take any information from any of our True Dropshippers™ and sell their products online or as an Ebay Drop Shipper!

  • Copy descriptions from your store and paste it into Ebay and sell those items there.
  • Use your drop ship website to host the images or download them for use in ebay
  • Help bring more revenue in with a proven drop ship website like Ebay!
Ebay Dropshipper Websites
Be sure to include your own dropship website link in your Ebay Drop Ship listings so customers know where they can find more great wholesale products!

5. Choose Your Wholesale Products to Resell

Below you will find a small sample of the 300,000 wholesale products that we are offering our customers to sell on their dropship website. Items are displayed through our datafeed system include: images with product descriptions, cost, retail cost and YOUR PROFIT! Remember we have many more wholesale products for you to choose from.

1. As Seen On TV Products Sell over 400 items that you have Seen on TV!

Ginsu Essentials 10pc. Set
Ginsu® knives are the only knives you'll ever need, featuring permanently bonded blades made of surgical stainless steel, enclosed within heat resistant handles that provide a durable, long-lasting knife. Dishwasher-safe! Includes manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

MSRP $19.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $8.99
Profit: $10.96

  6 Pak Abs Video VHS
Comprehensive abdominal sculpting video which reveals the secrets to creating a lean, toned midsection. It's for men and women of all fitness levels and it's the exact program John used to chisel the ripped abs he displays in magazine layouts and TV commercials.

MSRP $29.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $19.84 Profit: $10.11

Bodi Tone Enhancer In Mail Order Box
Bodi-Tek Enhancer EMS Set The Bodytone Enhancer is ideal for body toning or muscle enhancement to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and explosive power by working on the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

MSRP $69.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $19.95
Profit: $50.00

Auto Pilot Talking Road Navigator in Mail Order box
Tired of arguing about which way to go? Sick of asking strangers for directions? What you need in your car is the AUTO PILOT - the TALKING Road Navigator.

MSRP $39.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $23.95 Profit: $16.00

Pet Groom Pro Ionic Pet Brush
Pets don't like being dirty any more than humans but they hate baths. Now there's a new way to clean and condition cats and dogs in between baths with the Pet Groom Pro. This revolutionary new pet brush emits millions of safe, cleansing ions that eliminate dander, allergens, and odors as you brush.

MSRP $9.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $6.50
Profit: $3.45

Owl Illuminated Magnifier
The OWL is an amazing credit card sized light and magnifier that is easy to use and carry. Since it is credit card size, it will fit in your wallet, purse, or pocket with ease! Pressing the small button on the bottom of The OWL activates its ultra bright LED light.

MSRP $9.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $6.50
Profit: $3.45

Igia Therma Cleanse
IGIÁ Therma-cleanseBeauty treatment for the face SEAWEED body and Face Treatment. Unmask your inner beauty! The warm wax is rich seaweed extracts used for thousands of years to revitalize the skin, and it’s also loaded with nourishing sea minerals and multi-vitamins.

MSRP $59.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $19.95 Profit: $40.00

Blublocker Original Style
BLUBLOCKER® High Resolution sunglasses block out all the sun's dangerous UV light as well as all blue spectrum light rays! World Famous BLUBLOCKER® sunglasses are made of tough, clear Malenium, a lens that provides exceptional vision and clarity!

MSRP $19.95
Your Wholesale Products Cost $9.61
 Profit: $10.34


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Sell Wholesale Products Online!

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